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Growing Businesses
Newer/Start-up businesses

Businesses in the process of expanding need more capital than those that are simply treating challenges. That’s because whether you’re earning $100,000 or $5 million in annual revenue, there’s always another milestone ahead. Reaching a milestone lays the groundwork for future growth — but it’s never cheap, and it often requires both higher financing amounts and more frequent cash injections. And when business owners have growth opportunities on hand, they often turn to small-business loans. Forthright Finance will work with you to find the optimum business loan and lender so you can confidently maintain your future growth objectives.

Forthright Business Finance
Businesses with poor credit

If you have a checkered credit history, traditional banks or credit unions will usually be unwilling to approve a business loan. Forthright Finance has alternative lenders, which provide options outside of conventional banks, offer small-business loans if you have a bad credit score. Many of Forthright Finance lenders set no minimum credit score requirements and consider factors such as revenue or time in business for approval.

Forthright Business Finance
Businesses that have been rejected for financing

If traditional lenders won’t work with a company, Forthright Finance has a host of online and nontraditional lenders to finance loan products...

High Risk Industries

When discussing the business world, the term "high-risk industry" often comes up, eliciting a diverse range of reactions from intrigued curiosity to cautious apprehension. Businesses are labeled as "high-risk" based on two key criteria: the nature of the industry and the business's potential for financial failure.

The first condition relates to the inherent risks associated with certain industries, such as safety and health concerns, regulatory complications, and reputational hazards. These industries often operate in volatile environments where changes in market dynamics or regulatory frameworks can significantly impact business operations. Some common examples of businesses operating in a high-risk industry include those involved in gambling, CBD products, travel agencies, and telemarketing.

Operating in a high-risk industry often comes with a unique set of challenges and risks. However, it's worth noting that it also presents unique opportunities. Due to their inherent risk, these industries often see less competition, allowing businesses that can effectively manage these risks to enjoy significant profits and growth.

The second condition focuses on the company's financial viability or the risk of financial failure. This aspect assesses whether the company can sustain its operations and remain profitable in the long term. Factors contributing to this risk could be the company's financial structure, market position, revenue streams, and competitive landscape.

Despite the unique challenges faced by businesses in high-risk industries, financial support is available, especially from companies like Forthright Finance. They work with a network of specialized lenders who are willing to provide loans to borrowers in high-risk industries. These lenders understand the intricacies and dynamics of operating within such industries and are prepared to take on the associated risks.

Navigating High-Risk Industries for Business Credit

Forthright Finance and its specialized lenders evaluate the potential of the business, its business plan, financials, and market potential rather than solely focusing on the industry's risk profile. They recognize that risk and reward often go hand in hand and that successful businesses in high-risk industries can yield substantial returns.

However, securing a loan for a business in a high-risk industry requires careful planning and preparation. Potential borrowers must present a strong business plan that outlines their business model, market research, financial projections, and risk mitigation strategies. They must also demonstrate a deep understanding of the industry's regulatory landscape and potential challenges.

In addition, businesses in high-risk industries must remain adaptable and resilient. Given the volatility of these industries, it's crucial for these businesses to constantly monitor market trends, adjust their business strategies as necessary, and maintain rigorous risk management practices.

In conclusion, operating in a high-risk industry can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. With the support of companies like Forthright Finance and their network of specialized lenders, businesses in these industries can secure the necessary financing to navigate the unique challenges they face and seize the opportunities that lie within their reach. In the world of business, risk is inherent, but with risk comes opportunity, and those prepared to take calculated risks often reap the most significant rewards.