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Merchant Cash Advance
Startups often face a variety of challenges when it comes to obtaining funding. Traditional loans can be difficult to secure due to limited credit history and lack of collateral. In such cases, a merchant cash advance (MCA) can be an attractive financing option for startups. An MCA allows businesses to access capital quickly by selling a portion of their future credit card sales. In this article, we will delve into the best merchant cash advance options available to startups, considering factors such as ease of qualification, terms, fees, and customer reviews.

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Kabbage is a popular lender known for its flexibility and user-friendly application process. It offers MCAs ranging from $2,000 to $250,000, making it suitable for startups with varying capital needs. Kabbage considers multiple data points when evaluating applicants, such as revenue, business transactions, and credit history. Its online application and quick approval process make it an appealing option for time-sensitive funding requirements.


OnDeck is another leading MCA provider catering to startups. It offers advances from $5,000 to $500,000, allowing businesses to secure a higher amount of capital. OnDeck evaluates the health of a business by analyzing its cash flow and overall performance. While credit scores are considered, OnDeck takes a more holistic approach to assess a startup's potential. The application process is streamlined and can be completed online, with funding often available within a few days.

Square Capital:

Square Capital provides MCAs specifically designed for businesses that use Square as their payment processor. It leverages transaction data from the Square platform to evaluate a startup's eligibility and offer tailored funding options. Square Capital has a straightforward application process, and funds can be deposited directly into a merchant's Square account. The repayment is based on a fixed percentage of daily sales, providing flexibility during lean periods.

PayPal Working Capital:

PayPal Working Capital is an MCA solution offered by PayPal, which is well-known for its online payment services. Startups that receive payments through PayPal can benefit from this funding option. The application process is simple, and eligibility is primarily based on a business's PayPal sales history. Repayment is tied to a fixed percentage of future sales, making it easier to manage during fluctuating revenue cycles.

National Funding:

National Funding is a reputable MCA provider that offers customized funding solutions for startups. It provides advances ranging from $5,000 to $500,000, accommodating a wide range of capital requirements. National Funding takes a flexible approach when evaluating applicants, considering factors such as business performance and cash flow. The application process is relatively quick, and funding can be received within a few days.


Merchant cash advances can be a valuable funding option for startups that need quick access to capital. The options mentioned in this content, including Forthright Business Finance, Kabbage, OnDeck, Square Capital, PayPal Working Capital, and National Funding, offer attractive features and have proven track records in serving the startup community. However, it is essential for startups to carefully evaluate their specific financial needs, terms, fees, and customer reviews before choosing the best MCA provider for their business. By conducting thorough research and considering all relevant factors, startups can make an informed decision and secure the funding they require to fuel their growth and success.